Mindful Living offers Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses. The courses run for eight weeks and the sessions take place on a weekly basis for two hours. The next course starts on Tuesday 21st October 6.30pm to 8.30pm [click here for more details]

The course is a mindfulness skills training group where you will learn mindfulness through guided practices. During the course you also learn how to manage and deal with thoughts and feelings that may be troubling you for example when you feel stressed or down. During the meditation practices you will be guided in how to focus your attention and encouraged to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings as they arise in your mind and to gently change your relationship to these thoughts and feelings.

You will be encouraged to practice the meditations at home on a daily basis and to start to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. There will be 6-8 people in the group and you are welcome to talk about your experience of the meditation if you want to, but you don’t have to say anything if you prefer not to.

Is there research evidence that it works?

Yes there is increasing research evidence that practicing and incorporating mindfulness into your daily life can help improve wellbeing and reduce stress levels and anxiety. There is also evidence that mindfulness can help improve memory and concentration and regulate blood pressure as well as help with managing pain and improve immune function.

Once I start the course what can I expect at each session?

There will be eight group sessions. During each session, we will go through a mixture of meditation practice, feedback of your experience if you would like to, and discussing ideas that can improve wellbeing and help us to feel more alive and live in the present moment.